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Rink Fundraising Update

Currently we have raised $3,600.00 from your generous donations!!

This will allow us to purchase materials for a temporary rink for this winter. Mr. John Jans will be purchasing the materials on our behalf. This rink will be used in the years to come as a secondary rink once we have our breakaway board system in place for the larger rink.

We will be looking for volunteers to help put the base together this coming weekend. Follow the Facebook link for more updates.

Thank you John for all your time and effort in helping us create an outdoor space for everyone to enjoy this winter season!

We are still looking for donations for our $15,000 goal to purchase the materials for the larger rink. Please reach out to any community member you may know that would be interested in helping us. More information for businesses can be found on the website.

Thank you again everyone! Your contributions and efforts are amazing and inspiring!

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